Lightning tower

Lightning tower

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      Lightning protection towers, also known as lightning protection towers and lightning protection towers, can be divided into round steel lightning protection towers and angle steel lightning protection towers according to different materials used. According to different functions, they can be divided into lightning protection towers and lightning protection towers. Round steel lightning towers are widely used because of their low cost. The lightning protection tower data can be selected from round steel, angle steel, steel pipe, single steel pipe, etc., with a height scale of 10 meters to 60 meters. The lightning protection towers produced by the company include: lightning rod towers, lightning protection towers, and lightning towers. Uses: Used in communication base stations, radar stations, airports, oil depots, missile positions, PHS and various base stations for direct lightning protection and building roofs, power plants, forests, fuel depots, weather stations, factory workshops, paper mills, etc. Important place.

Strengths: Steel pipe is selected as the column and column data. The wind load coefficient is small, the wind resistance is strong, the tower column is connected by the outer flange, the bolt is pulled, it is not easy to damage, and the maintenance cost is reduced. Arrangement, saving steel, small opening, small floor space, saving land resources, the location of the tower is light and heavy, transportation and installation is fast, the construction period is short, the tower type changes with the wind load curve, the line flows, encounters the wind disaster It is not easy to collapse, and the plan for reducing human and livestock casualties fits the steel structure planning specification and the tower planning rules. The structure is safe and reliable.

Resistance to damage: wind 10/earthquake level 6

: The lightning current lightning receptor is a non-inductive, low-impedance metal inner conductor leading down the wire, transmitting the lightning current after the lightning to the earth, and preventing the side of the maintained antenna tower or building from being hit and charged. In most cases, the impact of the electrostatic field cable is less than 1/10 of the impedance of the tower, avoiding the building or the tower

electrifying, eliminating the lightning-limited lightning-inrush current intensity, and reducing the counter-attack and induction of the equipment under maintenance. The damage maintenance scale of the voltage is calculated according to the national standard GB50057 rolling ball method.

Height: 10 meters or more

Planning weight: >1 ton (specific components are determined by region, less minefields and strong minefields, coastal wetlands and western arid regions are slightly different.)

Raw material: Q235-Q345 round steel

Anti-corrosion treatment: Hot-dip zinc anti-corrosion treatment/Cold-transfer zinc anti-corrosion/paint painting

Data Origin: Baosteel/Shougang/邯Steel/Tanggang, etc.

Effective use period: 30 years or more

        The company also produces microwave tower radar towers, etc.