Power Tower

Power Tower

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Product introduction:
Power towers are generally divided into: wine cup type, cat head type There are five types: upper type, dry type and barrel type. According to the use of: tower, straight tower, corner tower, transposition tower (replacement of wire phase position tower), terminal tower and cross tower. Product features:
1. All tower types are space truss structure, the rods are mainly composed of single equilateral angle steel or combined angle steel. 2. The data generally uses Q235, Q345 and Q420, and the high-strength bolts are used between the rods. 3. Hot-dip galvanizing anti-corrosion, transportation and construction erection is very convenient. 4. For the tower with a height of 60m or less, set a nail on one of the main materials of the tower to facilitate the construction workers to climb the tower. The basic wind pressure of the line tower is 0.45KN/m2, the base area of the tower is about 2m2, the height is generally 15m-36m, and the outer steel is connected every 3m, and the side of the tower is pulled. The connecting rod is used for climbing ladder, and the other horizontal connecting rod is used for fixing the feeding line. According to the user's requirements, 1-2 circular channels with a diameter of 2.2m are set. The extension length of the antenna bracket can reach 1.5m, and the azimuth viewpoint can be sensitively adjusted. Meet the process requirements. The tower has novel appearance, reasonable force, light weight of the tower body and short construction period. It is a functional and economical communication tower. The company also produces elevated racks and integrated base stations.