High pole light

High pole light

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Solar high pole light: generally refers to steel cone lamp pole and high power combined lamp structure of more than 15 meters A new type of lighting device. It consists of a lamp cap, an internal lamp electrical, a rod body and a base portion. The shape of the lamp head can be determined according to the user's requirements, the surrounding environment and the lighting needs; the internal lamps are mostly composed of floodlights and floodlights. The light source is NG400 high-pressure sodium lamp with a lighting radius of 60 meters. The rod body is generally a pyramidal single body structure, which is rolled from a steel plate and has a height of 15-40 meters and is composed of two to three sections. The functional structure is mainly frame structure, and the decorative material is mainly made of steel wire and steel pipe, and the light pole and the lamp plate are treated by hot dip galvanizing. The electric lifting system consists of an electric motor, a winch, three sets of hot dip galvanized steel wire ropes and cables. The pole is mounted inside and the lifting speed is 3 to 5 meters per minute. The guiding and unloading system is composed of a guiding wheel and a guiding arm, which ensures that the lamp pan does not move laterally during the lifting process, and ensures that the lamp disc automatically falls off and is locked by the hook when the lamp disc rises into position. The company also produces light pole towers, lightning rods, etc.

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