What are the factors that affect the fire training tower?
- 2019-08-08-

   Materials are Fire Training Tower The basis of the installation project, the quality of the material is directly related to the quality of the project. Its characteristics are: 1. The exercise tower is an open-air four-column steel structure with a size of 5 m * 3 m. 2. The practice tower is planned to be 3.5 meters high and 3 meters high on the top floor, with a total of 5 floors. 3. The practice tower includes functions such as corner climbing and fire shaft. 4. The front of the practice tower is from the second floor, and each window is set to 2, and the window spacing is 1.0 m. 5. The size of the practice tower window is 1.2 m * 1.8 m, the window spacing tower side is not less than 0.65 m, the window sill is 0.4 m (the outstanding tower front wall 5 cm), and each window sill is 0.8 m above the floor. The height is 3.5 meters and there is a staircase within 0.7 meters. When the materials come into play, it is necessary for the contractor to fill in the entry inspection form, and attach the steel and other materials quality certificate and the experimental report to the supervision unit. After receiving the inspection form, the supervision unit will check the on-site materials together with the construction unit and the contractor to check the appearance quality, such as the scale, variety, quantity, specification and galvanizing thickness of the fire protection tower components. The requirements and methods for inspection are based on self-test, self-test and sampling experiments in accordance with relevant regulations. After all, it is necessary to check the results to meet the relevant standards. One of the factors affecting the quality of fire-fighting training towers is the limitation of production skills: sometimes even the use of high-quality raw materials can not produce a high-quality fire training tower, mainly because of the limited skill level of the production process. It is impossible to plan the layout of the tower structure with a good plan. After all, the structure of the fire-fighting tower is not stable. In addition, the quality of the fire training tower will be affected by many factors. As a production enterprise, we must pay attention to the influence of these factors, transform the production skills, select high-quality raw materials, and produce. A truly high quality fire drill tower product. The fire multi-purpose training tower is generally used in the training of military fire officers and soldiers, improving combat effectiveness and defense capability, and is used for simulating combat and other purposes. For ordinary people, the fire-fighting multi-purpose training tower can improve their own exercise awareness, intensive training, and relieve mental stress.