Hebei and Guangang manufacturers teach you how to install lightning protection towers
- 2019-08-08-

If the lightning protection tower is bought by you, you can ask the manufacturer to teach. The weight of the lightning protection tower is generally two to save 300kg, three to save 600kg, four to save 870kg, and five to save 1200kg. Under normal conditions, the lightning protection tower equipment is used from the bottom to the vertical tower, and all of them are transported by vehicles and cranes. This saves time and effort. The progress is speeding up. However, this can only be done in a local environment where the vehicle and the crane can enter the equipment location. Then, the situation that the carrying vehicle and the crane can not enter the equipment place, and how to end the artificial equipment of the lightning protection tower is a lot of practice. For example, in mountainous areas and places with poor environment, the construction of the carrying vehicle and the crane can not be used. Next, the description will be given regarding the lightning protection tower. 1. Construction
1. Foundation construction: Under normal conditions, the base of the lightning protection tower is based on the number of lightning protection towers to describe the depth of the embedded parts and the depth of the base, and then select the appropriate things and workers according to the actual situation on site. Carry out the foundation construction. The concrete has a life of more than one week. 2. Artificial equipment: equipment for lightning protection towers can be carried out after the concrete period. Firstly, the supporting lightning protection towers suitable for the embedded parts of the roots are manually transported to the ground bottom site, and the artificial equipment is organized by the familiar personnel. 2. Artificial equipment method (holding bar method)
1. Preparation and fixing of the pole: Fix one ton of fixed pulley with 8th iron wire to the pine pole 4 to 6 meters (holding pole) At the top, the hoisting rope of the hand hoist is put on the fixed pulley, and the top of the pole is tied with three pulling ropes for straightening the pole. The racker fixes the pole straight at the bottom of the tower for artificial lifting of the lightning protection tower. 2. Hoisting construction organization: the lightning protection tower is manually hoisted, the hoisting rope and the hand hoist are fixed by the hoisting staff, and the three people are in charge of the three ropes to keep the pole straight, and two people (power) will The sling is bolted to the hoisting part of the lightning protection tower to be hoisted, and a drawstring is used to adjust the lightning tower when lifting the lightning protection tower. At this time, the lightning protection tower can be manually hoisted, and the hoist is controlled by the hoisting crane to hoist. When the lightning protection tower is in straight condition, the lightning protection tower is connected to the lightning protection tower and the root bottom. After the verification, the bolts are fixed by the prepared bolts. The lightning tower equipment is completed. The second, third, fourth and fifth lightning towers are manually hoisted. Different from the lightning tower, the artificial lifting is the fixing of the pole. It is to fix the pole with the 8th iron wire at the top of the lightning protection tower, and then other methods are the same as above, but because The high-altitude docking lightning tower personnel were replaced by shelf workers.