The development and advantages and disadvantages of the light pole tower
- 2019-08-08-

Light pole tower is different in outdoor lighting In the development stage, there are different types of street light controllers. Their working principles, advantages and disadvantages are carefully introduced in this article. They are usually on street light timers, perhaps they have an active photo light sensor. The street lights depend on the detailed orientation, they are presented in the dark. If these are not properly adjusted, I have now seen a situation where the headlights of the car will cause the sensor to jump and close it. This situation generally occurs in a significantly altered area, which is relatively high compared to the incoming lights. Nowadays, most street light controllers are a photocell controller that can open and close lights at normal light levels, usually before dusk and dawn, although I see that they are close to thunderstorms. It is time, and in the total solar eclipse, this may be a good thing. They have time delays and lags to prevent them from changing state too quickly. In cities, more and more street light controllers are plug-in replacements for wireless controllers that are replacing photo controllers. They provide greater flexibility to turn a single light or a set of lights on or off to conserve power or reflect local conditions. There is a wonderful street light timer controller, and each type of light has this type. It has a synchronous motor that maintains an outstanding moment; it has an active winding clock backup, so it won't be lost in the event of a power outage (not as accurate as a synchronous motor, but good enough); and there is an annual solar round Once the cam is changed, the opening and closing moments are adjusted to be correct as the length of the day changes. It is necessary to spend a fortune. I don't know why photovoltaic cells are not always logically chosen because they even take into account weather conditions. But if someone really wants to use a timer, it would be a simple matter to set up a digital control timer. The storage time of this timer will change and the internal clock will be controlled by GPS.