Design Standards for Bionic Tree Towers
- 2019-08-08-

According to the requirements of the relevant regulations, the bionic tree tower steel must use Q235-Bz grade carbon structural steel and Q345B grade low alloy structural steel. The pipe is made of Q345B straight seam welded steel pipe. For the components used for welding, the killed steel or semi-killed steel of Q235-Bz grade carbon structural steel and the low alloy structural steel of grade Q345B shall be used. All components need to be hot-dip galvanized and anti-corrosion. The coating thickness, adhesion and uniformity should conform to the corresponding testing specifications; Q235 weldment selection uses E4315 or E4316 type electrode; Q345 weldment selects E5015~5018 type electrode. Hot-dip galvanized bolts and nuts and gaskets are required to be purchased from public companies to ensure compliance with the specified quality specifications and to eliminate non-standard connections. Bolt grade: M12 bolt 4.8; M16 bolt 4.8; M20, M24 bolt 6.8, single 8.8 grade according to the drawings; branch, bark, leaf material is polymer compound, polyester composite (not using FRP), Its physical and chemical functions are as follows: branches, bark, leaf material materials need to be satisfied with durability, fire resistance, moisture, water, low signal loss and other requirements. Bionic skin material should have a wide range of operating temperatures, and the operating temperature range is -40-80 °C. Bark should be waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosive, anti-freeze, anti-exposure and oxidation. The branches and leaf materials of the bionic tree should ensure a 10-year service life. Under normal natural conditions, the leaves ensure that they do not fade within 3 years under the outdoor environment, do not crack within 6 years, are not weathered, do not fall, and are coatable. 2. Technical Specifications
The steel used in the bionic tree tower and the processing and production equipment shall be in satisfactory technical specifications. The selected materials such as steel and welding rods must have a factory certificate. 3. Processing scale according to the processing scale of each component of the bionic tree tower, according to the order of its uniqueness and importance, in order: a) bionic tree tower segment structure diagram and Its scale indication;
b) Description of the bionic tree tower processing attached to each tower type. Before the production, the scale shall be staked, checked and determined according to the design drawings. Each component shall be marked with the steel number according to the drawing number; the test tower shall be assembled before delivery and allowed to be transported to the site after passing the inspection;