Introduction and use of integrated base station
- 2019-08-08-

Introduction to Integrated Base Station: It is an innovation of the traditional split base station. It is a combination of computer room and iron tower. Adopting the internationally popular industrial standard design and production mode, it is pre-made in the company, shipped and field devices. Base station equipment such as air conditioning, heat preservation, lighting, feeder windows, lightning protection, anti-corrosion, fire prevention, etc. all gather integrated processing solutions. All components are standardized and produced, with high integration, simple construction of the device, beautiful appearance of the base station, eye-catching color, and distinct from the traditional iron tower, which has established an outstanding brand image for operators. Integrated base station use:
1, large-scale gatherings, disaster relief and other situations that require emergency communications;
2, in order to seize the market opportunities need to quickly establish a station; Applicable to problem sites that cannot be built due to people's disturbances;
4. Applicable to large construction sites (along railway construction, highway construction, old city reconstruction, industrial zone construction, etc.) for a period of time (months or even Communication problems for several years, etc.; 5, signal test and positioning (because the transfer and construction of the station is convenient and convenient; so it can be used for testing and positioning before the base station is built); Applicable conditions for the product:
1. Installation site requirements: Portable base stations are mainly used for land installation, and buildings (roofs, countertops) that meet certain requirements (such as load-bearing capacity, site size, etc.) can also be installed in the air; 2, wind pressure requirements: mainly suitable for 0.5Kpa wind pressure area (more than 90% of the country is lower than this parameter), in the 0.5-0.9Kpa wind pressure must use high wind pressure version;
3. Tower body bearing standard: The standard bearing capacity of the tower body design is: 3 pay 2G antenna, 3 pay 3G antenna and corresponding power amplifier equipment, 1 paying microwave antenna with diameter not larger than 60Cm. 4. Others: In special applications (such as: large wind pressure, large room area, different color requirements, abnormal site construction, lifting and transportation equipment can not enter, etc.), we can provide A series of services such as design, manufacturing and construction.

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