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The knowledge of the monitoring tower we know is not very comprehensive~
- 2019-08-08-
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Monitoring Tower is suitable for special occupations and is suitable for man-made observations or electronic monitoring of plant and area management. Such as: environmental monitoring, prison management, etc. Its material composition is round steel, angle steel, steel pipe and other structures. It can also be made of aluminum alloy structure to make a light aluminum alloy monitoring tower. Place the product on the roof. To reduce the floor space. Our factory produces monitoring towers according to national standards. The structure is reasonable, the shape is beautiful, the durability is durable, the product anti-corrosion treatment is hot-dip galvanized, and the anti-corrosion time is long. The aluminum alloy monitoring tower does not require external protection and is safe to use for up to 50 years. It is an ambition to climb the telescopic equipment. Our company specializes in producing watch towers. The observation tower is a forest fire monitoring tower consisting of a tower body, a platform, a lookout room, a rotating ladder, etc. The structure is compact and durable. It is an ambition of fire monitoring, ascending and overlooking, supervising and directing the workbench. With novel planning, reasonable price, perfect service and high-quality products, our company satisfies the technical requirements of various types of towers of customers, and leads the modern trend of domestic tower art. Its development ability, product innovation can always be at the forefront of professional scope. . The tower body is generally constructed of a four-column angle steel structure with a lightning rod, a working platform and a rotating ladder. Public security duty for traffic or mass activities; police officers and soldiers in prison cells; guards on duty at border guards; forest fire prevention in forestry departments; propaganda of fire prevention missions; arrangements for fire prevention, effective care of nature, pressing In the case, it is a flexible thing that is used to command fire control and control the fire. The structure of the observation tower is generally a steel structure tower, which is convenient to disassemble and install. The plane is a quadrilateral free-standing or pull-wire type. The main body curve is generally a broken line type, and the internal structure is interspersed. The upper part has a work platform or a duty room. There is a diagonal ladder or a rotating ladder inside.


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