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Technical requirements for communication towers
- 2019-08-08-
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(1) The planning and construction of the communication tower should closely cooperate with the communication process to meet its requirements. In determining the height of the tower, the number of channels, the standard, quantity, direction of the antenna, the direction of the feeder, etc., the possibility and convenience of expansion should be fully considered. (2) The steel tower should be provided with a maintenance channel at the height of the hanging antenna. The channel width should consider the distance requirement of the antenna, and the net width should not be less than 600mm. The channel should be set with a railing with a height of 1.1m; the fence requirements Sturdy and reliable, the fence is made of angle steel of 50mmX50mmX5mm or more, and the angle steels are connected to each other. When the tower height is greater than 50 meters, it is advisable to add a rest channel at the center. (3) The antenna bracket should not extend more than 800mm beyond the channel. When it exceeds 800mm, the antenna bracket should be planned to be a retractable movable type. (4) The steel tower should be provided with climbing equipment (fixed ladders, climbing nails) leading to the top of the tower, and the necessary safety protection should be considered; the stepping distance of the climbing equipment should be 200-400mm, ladder The width is not less than 600mm, and the length of the climbing nail should be no less than 110mm. The ladder guardrail shall be in good condition. No vacancies shall be allowed in the center except the joints of the channel and the tower section; the steel pipe tower ladder shall be equipped with steel strands for the safety belt. The lower end of the ladder should be in a plane with the outdoor horizontal cabling. (5) The steel tower should be provided with a feeder cable rack facing the machine room, and the distance from the equipment room to the tower antenna is 500-1000mm. (6) The steel tower should have perfect anti-direct lightning and secondary induction lightning installation. The connection of the wall lightning belt must meet the planning and relevant standards. The lightning rod and feeder frame should be set with special lightning current. Line, the material is 40mm × 4mm of the whole galvanized flat steel, respectively, led to the iron tower ground net, and the tower body is firmly fixed, welded to each other qualified, the site welding should have a firm anti-rust and anti-corrosion measures.