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The watchtower not only has the effect of forest fire prevention~
- 2019-08-08-
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The watchtower can be seen in many places, like in forests and mountain areas. The watch tower is currently being used in China to avoid fires, monitor climate change, avoid fires and maintain forests. Under normal circumstances, the height of the forest watchtower is about 20 meters. In addition to supervising the fire, what are the application departments of the watchtower and the lookout tower? What is the specific effect? The watchtower can be used for public security on traffic or in public places; as a sign tower in prisons, and as a militia in prison cells. In the border guard post, it is possible to supervise the situation outside the country. In particular, the Forest Watchtower is a task that can be used to arrange fire prevention when deploying fire prevention supervision functions, and arrange fire prevention lines to monitor fire conditions. In an emergency, it is used to command and control the fire and fire. The convenient plane of the device is a quadrilateral free-standing or pull-wire type. The main curve is generally a broken line type, the internal structure is cross-shaped, and there is a platform on duty, a ladder for climbing, and a very wide horizon. In the campus, the square, the limp station will also have some applications. The observation tower has become more and more effective in social activities, with good quality and anti-rust. Because the watchtower produced by the company is fully functional and widely used, it is well received and welcomed by customers. Up to now, the observation tower has been very effective in warning fire prevention. And, the watchtower can also serve as a tourist attraction. Brought a lot of related income. The watchtower has played an important role in forest fire detection. It has reported on many forest fires in Chongqing and Shennongjia forest areas, so that the fire did not cause a fire.