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About the function and characteristics of the power tower
- 2019-08-08-

    Hebei Heguan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is a professional iron tower steel structure product integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and construction. Standardized enterprise. Located in the industrial zone of Hengshui Old City, the environment is superior, the transportation is convenient, and the communication is developed. The company's products mainly include: lightning protection towers, monitoring towers and other steel structures. Our company has advanced production lines and coiling equipment for iron towers. The products are advanced in design, advanced in technology and high in processing level. The products are strictly inspected according to industry standards. The quality is stable and reliable for a long time, and the products are widely used in aerospace, communication, meteorology, military, chemical, steel structure workshops and other industries. The main function of the power tower: The power tower supports signal transmission and supports the signal transmitting antenna. The structural design complies with relevant international and domestic standards and regulations. Power tower features: It can be installed on the top of the building with load-bearing capacity, on the ground or on the slope. 60o angle angle steel or round steel, equilateral triangle arrangement method and steel strand cable fixing method can greatly reduce the self-weight wind load coefficient of the tower body. The small foundation method is simple, the land occupation is small (generally 0.25m×0.25m), the damage to the load bearing material is small, the floor foundation construction is convenient, and the multi-layer channel can be designed, the bearing capacity is high, and multiple antennas and microwave transmission equipment can be mounted. When constructing on the floor, due to the large number of maintenance structures around the floor, the drawing line is convenient to be fixed, and the construction speed is greatly accelerated. When constructing on the hillside, the advantage of the hillside can be used to fix the cable, the device is convenient, the construction speed is fast, the component is light, and the land occupation is small. Damage to the load bearing is short, and the problem of disturbing the people (when the urban roofing device is installed) can greatly ease the convenience of operation and maintenance. The single-tube tower is a practical and novel iron tower. It has a beautiful surface, small floor space and high cost performance, and is selected by the broad construction unit. The communication single-tube tower produced by the company covers an area of 9-18m 2 , and the tower body adopts more reasonable segments. The joints are connected by high-strength bolts, which makes the device convenient and fast, and can be used in a variety of complex places in the wild. Device.