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What is the working principle of the lightning rod?
- 2019-08-08-
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       Lightning protection is not unfamiliar to us. Basically, every household has a lightning rod on the top of the building, but how does the lightning rod avoid lightning? The book says that the top discharge, how can it neutralize the cloud charge? There is also a saying that the lightning is led through the lightning rod and flows into the earth. Are these two statements not antagonistic? We all know that lightning in the thunderstorm climate is very destructive. When lightning passes through a bad conductor, it generates a huge current and releases a huge amount of heat. The lightning rod is planned by Franklin in the 18th century and can be used to eliminate it. Some charge-protecting buildings together ensure that the large current generated can be discharged into the earth through the conductive path of the lightning rod. Thunder and lightning is a phenomenon of intense discharge in the atmosphere. In the thunderstorm climate, during the formation and development of the sky, the lower part of the cloud layer will accumulate a large amount of negative charge, and the earth is positively charged. The established electric field will face the earth in the cloud, and the intense effect will ionize the air in the middle. When the voltage is accumulated to a certain intensity, lightning will be emitted. The shape is common, strips, and a few spherical lightning. . The fierce sensation of the air during discharge will declare a fierce thunder, which is the origin of lightning. The ionized air also becomes a conductor. The lightning rods on the building are generally sharp metal. The sharp tip of the metal will accumulate a positive charge. On the one hand, it can neutralize the separated charge. On the other hand, the ionized air will form a loop, even if the lightning does not directly hit. A lightning rod, the ionized air path also causes current to flow along the wire to which the lightning rod is connected to the ground. Therefore, the lightning rod should be properly installed. To ensure the sharpness of the lightning rod, the conductive rod metal rod wire is used to connect the lightning rod. The lead wire also has excellent grounding. It has a small grounding resistance and is deeply buried in the earth. The huge current can be introduced into the earth along the lightning rod, a small resistance path. For us, the thunderstorm climate should try not to go out. You can't stand next to the big tree or the pole. Don't stand on the high ground, don't hit the mobile phone, it will bring lightning. Every summer, many mobile phones are hit by lightning. Cases must be taken care of.