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Application of ionization device for lightning rod needle electrode
- 2019-08-08-
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   The lightning protection tower is composed of ionization equipment, connecting wires and grounding equipment. It is designed using the discharge principle of metal needle electrodes. Under the effect of the Thundercloud electric field, when the strong reaches a certain value, the surrounding air is free and then departs under the effect of the electric field force, and the other air molecules that replace it are successively released. In this way, there is an ion current flowing from the metal to the surroundings. As the potential increases, the ion current is added exponentially. When lightning strikes over the lightning arrester and the equipment being maintained, the lightning arrestor and the adjacent earth both induce a charge opposite in polarity to the thundercloud charge. An ionization device with many needle electrodes, so that a lot of electric charge on the earth is emitted by the needle electrode under the effect of the thunder cloud electric field, and moves to the thundercloud, so that the thundercloud is neutralized, the lightning electric field is weakened, and then prevented. The object to be protected is struck by lightning. It can be seen from the above that the function of the lightning arrester is to convert the microsecond kiloamperal transient process of the lightning impulse discharge into seconds. The slow discharge process of the safety level reduces the induced overvoltage that may be present on the object to be maintained to a level of no damage, reaching the intention of “lightning and disaster mitigation”. The lightning protection tower is composed of an ionization device provided with a plurality of electrodes disposed above the object to be maintained, a ground current collecting device disposed in the ground surface layer, and a connecting line connecting the two devices. The ionization device generally maintains the earth potential in the thundercloud strong electric field, and the potential difference between it and the adjacent air increases with the intensity of the thundercloud electric field to promote the ionization of the air adjacent to the tip of the field in the field strength region, which constitutes a lot of space charge. Generally, the base layer of the thundercloud is negatively charged, and the ground induces a positive charge. The negative charge of ionization is absorbed by the ground current collecting device, and the positive charge of ionization is induced and neutralized by the negative charge of the thundercloud, and then the lightning-reducing effect occurs.