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The difference between the sun pole light and other street light poles
- 2019-08-08-

Solar high pole lights have so far been large-scale squares, yards, docks, airports and other large-scale venues, products with high requirements on the area and brightness of illuminance, solar high pole lights The main advantage is its height and ease of protection. We all know that the height of the light source determines its illumination range. The lifting function of the light panel provides a quick condition for the conventional protection of the light source. The main difference between the sun high pole light and other street light poles lies in these two aspects. Other street lights can't achieve the height of the sun high pole light. It is even more natural to finish the light head lift. Already the main advantage of the sun high pole light is that the high and the lift can be raised and lowered, so if it rises but can't fall down, then what is its advantage called "advantage"? Many of my friends may be puzzled to see this. "Why can the high-altitude lights of the sun rise and fall?" Please be anxious, listen to me gradually. There is no problem with the lifting system of the sun high pole light. No matter how many the light panels are used, it can lift and move freely. It is more than enough to be able to rise and fall. The culprit is that we are more familiar with our friends, "Magpie", no matter Whether it is in the south or in the north, magpies can be seen everywhere. As human beings move forward, humans are advancing every day. Animals have never stopped the pace of evolution. Before the magpies were nesting in the trees, but with the human beings building various kinds of The steel structure, which makes changes to the better life of mankind, also provides a safer habitat for the magpies, high-voltage angle towers, railway line piles, communication towers, signal towers, single-tube towers... They are pervasive in places where they can nest. Of course, the sun high pole lights are no exception. The lamp panel of the solar high pole lamp is welded by a plurality of cross-section steel pipes. This structure provides an ideal support point for the magpie nest. From the outside, the magpie nest does not affect the lifting, but In fact, it is necessary to look at the location of the Xi's nest. If the nest is well built in the hook or within the lift range, then the nest will directly affect the decoupling, and then the light panel cannot be lowered.