Product Details

  Transmission substation architecture can be mainly divided into: truss substation, terminal substation; step-up substation, step-down substation; power system substation, industrial and mining substation, railway substation (27.5KV, 50HZ); 1000KV, 750KV, 500KV, 330KV, 220KV, 110KV, 66KV, 35KV, 10KV, 6.3KV and other voltage substations; 10KV substation; box substation. Use advanced computer skills, modern electronic skills, communication skills and information processing Skills, etc. Complete the recombination and optimization design of the secondary equipment of the substation (including relay protection, control, measurement, signal, fault recording, automatic equipment and remote equipment, etc.), and supervise the operation of all equipment in the substation. , a comprehensive automation system that measures, controls, and coordinates.

       Its function is to change the voltage level, aggregate distribution power, including transformers, busbars, line switch equipment, buildings And the facilities needed for power system security and control. Substations generally divide the scale of service according to the voltage level. The larger the voltage level, the larger the radius served by the substation. At present, our country now has a substation with 1000gV voltage level in the world with independent intellectual property rights. The 500kV substation is now more common. The power system is now relatively developed.     The company's flagship products include elevated shelves, integrated base stations, etc..