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Chimney Tower

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Chimney Tower, also known as "Torch Tower", is mainly used to burn off petroleum, petrochemical, refining, refining , natural gas, chemical fertilizers, chemical and other enterprises in the production process, unable or unable to recover, and often toxic and harmful, flammable and explosive, and other dangerous flammable gases, such gases into non-hazardous gases After the venting into the atmosphere.
1, high-altitude torch:
The height is generally tens of meters or even more than 100 meters, the current high-altitude torch of 180 meters in the country has been put into production. According to the form of establishment: overhead torch (tower type torch), self-supporting torch, drawstring type torch.
2, ground torch:
mainly refers to the burner Closed-type ventilating gas burning device is placed on the ground and around. The high-altitude torch has low cost but covers a lot of land, and the ground torch is just the opposite.
The main part of the FRP chimney tower is made by the surrounding process, and it is formed by the surrounding process. The FRP products are composed of laminated structures. Due to the relatively large length ratio of FRP chimneys, we have now explored a complete set of mature and robust production and installation processes to ensure the accuracy of the chimney (especially straightness). According to the size and height of the diameter of the FRP chimney, it can be planned according to the requirements of customers. Together, the shape can also be planned according to the specific requirements of customers. The FRP chimney produced by our factory is widely used in electric power, fertilizer, chemical industry, exercise, petroleum and other industries. , as a treatment device for corrosive or high-temperature flue gas.