decorative tower

decorative tower

Product Details

       Decorative towers are also known as craft towers or stainless steel towers (because Outsourcing stainless steel), mainly installed on the roof of each building, is suitable for the landmark buildings and the roofs of major office buildings. Its advantages are beautiful appearance, durability and good decorative effect.

Main function: lightning protection, equipped with general lightning protection or lightning protection device for professional products. Air defense, equipped with a normal obstacle light or a fully automatic high-life aviation obstacle light device with flash. Communication, with a variety of devices installed BP antenna communication, can achieve fire, anti-theft wireless networking. Some of the sightseeing areas are equipped with an open sightseeing garden or a closed sightseeing garden. The decoration tower is made of stainless steel. The surface of the tower is made of stainless steel. It is very bright during the day. There are various chasing cycle lights or colored spotlights in the evening to enhance the shape of the building and to beautify the night view.

Features: The stainless steel tower designed and manufactured by our factory has beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, good electrical communication performance, reasonable design and excellent structure. The tower body has channels for easy installation, maintenance and maintenance.  The tower's styling is novel and unique, and it can respond to various modern buildings, which can increase the beauty of the building and enhance the overall image of the building.